The last has not been heard of the troubles in Tonto Dikeh’s short-lived marriage to businessman/philanthropist, Olakunle Churchill.

Less than 2 weeks after Tonto’s tell-all interview with Azuka Ogujiuba of Media Room Hub, Dr Churchill has also had a sit-down with Azuka to tell his own side of the story.

Olakunle Churchill

Churchill, who disclosed that the couple met 2 and half years ago at his brother’s birthday party at Escape Club, Lagos, maintained that Tonto had infact been abusing drugs and alcohol at points in their union, but remained clean through the duration of her pregnancy till 4 months after.

Here are 10 damaging things Tonto’s estranged husband has revealed about the actress and their short-lived marriage.

1. Tonto is violent: According to Churchill, Tonto has episodes or ‘crises’, as he referred to them, during which she attacks violently. “There’s this thing about my wife, it’s just like a crisis, she doesn’t stop for like 2/2 and half hours” he said.  He went on to say that 6 men can’t hold her down when she is in that state, explaining the episodes were a result of  “negative intake” aka drugs and alcohol. It was during one of such incidents that Tonto got some of the injuries which she claimed came from Churchill beating her up.

2. Tonto has destroyed 66 Million Naira worth of properties in 7/8 months: Churchill revealed that he has lost 66 Million Naira worth of property to Tonto’s violence. According to him, during a fight in his mother’s house, Tonto broke several householde appliances including the television, microwave and so on. She also destroyed several items in his Ghana home.

3. She broke into Churchill’s Ghana home and attacked police: Back in 2015, Churchill said he traveled to Ghana after a quarrel with Tonto. While in Ghana, he attended a house warming party. It was while he was at the party that Tonto cut the electric fence in the house (which Churchill said he had turned off before going out) and jumped into the house. She then proceeded to destroy items in the house. Eventually, he called neighbours and the police patrol who carted her away.

4. Tonto was thrown into a police cell for assaulting police in Ghana: Contrary to what Tonto said happened in Ghana that Churchill beat her up and she ran to the Nigerian High Commission, Churchill revealed that Tonto was extremely violent and rude to the police commander after she was picked up for destroying things in the house. He further said she spat on one of the police officers at the Medina police command.  He said he made an effort to cover up the entire episode and wrote a withdrawal letter, but decided to speak up after Tonto’s tell-all interview.

5. Churchill’s mother and brother have been victims of Tonto’s violence: During a fight in Churchill’s mother’s house, his mother tried to get in the middle of both of them and Tonto “elbowed” her. She also attacked his brother then went on to destroy items in the house. Churchill who shared images and video from the incident said her male best friend kept calling on Tonto to stop, but she was uncontrollable.

6. Tonto moved out of the house because she didn’t want to go to rehab: According to Churchill, Tonto moved out of the house because she doesn’t want to go to rehab, and not because of domestic violence as she claimed. The businessman revealed that Tonto brought 2 trucks and packed everything out of their matrimonial home, before moving to an undisclosed location. "I don't know where she's living till now", he said.

7. She was never a victim of domestic violence but made up her scars: Churchill revealed that he has someone in Tonto's camp who reliably informs him of Tonto's activities. It was the said informant who told him that Tonto has been inflicting wounds on herself. He further said the only scar Tonto had was the one she got from the episode at his mother's house where she injured herself as she destroyed things.

8. She never got an STD from Churchill as claimed: "The last time I had an STD was in secondary school" Churchill said of the allegation that he infected Tonto with STDs. He flatly denied infecting Tonto with an STD saying he couldn't be infected with such at this stage in life.

9. All the gifts she displayed were bought by Churchill and not by her as she said: Dr Churchill revealed that contrary to what Tonto said that she got some of the gifts which she flaunted on Instagram for herself, he infact bought all the gifts. He added that he'd even stopped her from flaunting her gifts on Instagram which is why she never posted the Rolex he gifted her. "I have all the receipts" he said. He went on to say he had bought a GMC SUV for their son, King's first birthday but was prevented from giving it to him because he has been denied access to see him despite calling Tonto and the nanny repeatedly. He went on to play a recorded conversation with the nanny where he questioned her on why he's being denied access to his son.

10. Tonto has been pretending to her family about reconciliation: Churchill said he has made over 9 attempts to reconcile with Tonto, the latest one being on the 2nd/3rd of March where he invited elders in her family. Sharing photos from that event, he said Tonto pretended to accept reconciliation but would later block him from contacting her or their son afterwards.