Described by analysts as a cat with 9 lives, will South African President Jacob Zuma survive another fight for his office?

Members of his party, the African National Congress, ANC are asking him to step down, but Zuma has rejected the call outright, saying he has done nothing wrong.

Zuma’s tenure is to end by 2019.

On Monday, Zuma’s supporters and detractors both protested outside the ruling party headquarters in Johannesburg.

Zuma is plagued by many corruption scandal and has been under intense pressure to leave office before his term finishes in 2019, but local media, News24 reports that Zuma told the ANC's top six during a meeting at the presidential guesthouse in Pretoria on Sunday night that he will not step down voluntarily.

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ANC leaders are holding another emergency meeting Monday, according to local media.

South Africa’s opposition parties and factions in the ANC say Zuma should not be allowed to give the annual state of the nation address on Thursday, calling him a lame duck president since the election of reformer Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC leader.

Zuma’s nearly two terms in office have been blighted by hundreds of corruption allegations, but he has so far managed to dodge prosecution.

Will he survive this time?

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