Days after the former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, raised concerns over a likely declaration of a state of emergency in Zamfara State, everything is coming together to point towards where Fayose's finger was pointing. 

On Thursday, the Governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari, expressed his support for calls on president Muhammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency in the state.

After he made that statement, Mr Fayose urged Nigerians to ask questions about the reason behind the call. 

Zamfara has become a boiling point of late, with 17 persons dying in two communities attacked by persons only identified as bandits. 

No one seems to know who was behind these attacks. Arms-carrying herdsmen have been blamed in time past, but now the nomenclature changed and they are called bandits. 

'Sinister Aim'

In several tweets in the early hours of Friday, the former Ekiti State governor asked the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to Explain to Nigerians what was happening in Zamfara. 

"Nigerians must now ask the APC led FG who are behind the renewed Zamfara killings.

"Is it to achieve the sinister aim of imposing emergency rule on the state thereby postponing gubernatorial and house of Assembly elections because APC cannot field candidates in the 2019 elections?" he wrote. 

Mr Fayose further expressed worries that Governor Yari, who received security votes monthly to tackle insecurity in the state, would join the call for a state of emergency in his state. 

"I have never seen a state governor asking that emergency rule be imposed on his State.

"I think Zamfara will be the first and Nigerians should remember that I said it two days ago that there was plot to impose emergency rule on the state because APC cannot field candidates," he stressed.

President Buhari had expressed sadness over the killings and promised that his administration would end the killings.

He had said he would begin his campaign in Akwa Ibom, a southern state, but Mr Fayose wants him to change his schedule and begin the campaign in Zamfara. 

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"Nigerians are being killed in Zamfara, President Buhari could only make "phone calls".

"But he is going to Akwa Ibom, a state made peaceful by the PDP Govt of Mr Udom Emmanuel to flag off his campaign.

"Why can't he do the flag off in Zamfara, Yobe or Borno?," he asked.

It was the sort of demand that was made from former President Goodluck Jonathan when he was in office and terrorism heightened in the northeast. 

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