So, you thought she was truly dead? Kannywood actress, Zainab Indomie is not going anywhere yet.

She might have been quiet and unseen in any Kannywood movie for five years, but now she is back to the film industry.

Kannywood prince, Adam Zango reintroduced her as a queen of his music and film company, White House Family.

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On her return, the first task was to deny that news making the rounds on social media that she had died.

The popular Kannywood queen is not new to denying rumours.

In 2016, she had to come on her Instagram page to deny rumours that she had an accident and got her right leg amputated.

Apparently, her fans got things twisted.

Zainab said the picture that was circulated was of one of her in a movie, Dinyar Makaho, where she acted as a cripple.

Obviously, Zainab we can see you’re alive and looking as beautiful.

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