It was a message made by former President Goodluck Jonathan and also made out of heart-felt concern for Yusuf Buhari who is lying at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja, but some Nigerians were not ready for such message at this time.

Yusuf Buhari was involved in a bike accident on Tuesday evening in Gwarimpa area of Abuja.

Dr. Jonathan had offered some prayer for the quick recovery of Yusuf, but his message received unprecedented responses.

Fuel scarcity is biting hard and many are angry that they have spent a fortune to travel to their communities.

Some have not been able to leave their locations because they could not afford the fare that had double or even tripled in some cases.

President Jonathan who made out time even in Liberia where he is to share his condolence got harsh comments from some Nigerians.

His message was simple: "I have been in Liberia monitoring elections and only just heard the sad news.


"My family and I are in prayers for the quick recovery of Yusuf Buhari.

"It is my deep desire that a young man so full of promise should live and thrive to fulfil the promises God has domiciled in him".

But mixed reactions followed that comment posted on his Twitter handle.

Sadness could be perceived in their tones, as the man who has been referred to as the most abused president when he was in office yet again saw some abuses triggered by anger.

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Here are a few of these comments which also were directed at the current administration.

reactions to Goodluck Jonathan's codolense to Buha
reactions to Goodluck Jonathan's codolense to Buha
reactions to Goodluck Jonathan's codolense to Buha