Christmas is just few weeks away and everyone is rolling into celebration mood, but because you are in Nigeria, here is a reason you have to be also apply caution and guard against Lassa fever.

The Acting State Epidemiologist, Dr Nuhu Bille, made an important comment about Lassa fever that you should know.

First, Nigerians to imbibe the culture of reporting cases of fever to hospitals for adequate action and treatment at this time to avoid hosting a Lassa patient without knowing.

“November to March 2019 is a period we expect the outbreak of Lassa fever, [but] the most important thing in managing the case is early detection.

“When you detect it on time 75% of chances of survival are there.

"So, people should report to the hospitals on time before it will be too late, because it’s free of charge.

“If you have symptoms of fever, cough and catarrh that refuse to go with our conventional drugs within two days, you should report to the hospital,” he advised.

He said that the state had recorded 53 cases of the disease out or which 4 died. 

“This year, we recorded 53 suspected cases of Lassa fever and out of them we have four confirmed cases and the four of them died at the isolated centre at the Federal Teaching Hospital while receiving treatment,’’ he told the News Agency of Nigeria.

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Bille assured residents of the state that there were enough drugs for the treatment of the disease that would last for five years, hence the need for people to report on time.

He further said that seven cases of cholera outbreak were also recorded within the period under review.

According to Bille, over 546 people were treated while 18 victims died of the disease.He said that the outbreak was recorded in Balanga, Funakaye, Gombe and Yamaltu/Deba Local Government Areas of the state.

The epidemiologist commended the state epidemic preparedness and response committee for addressing such cases.

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