"Help me make l no die here! "Help me make l no die here! (help me, I don't want to die here) he continued to shout, as gunshots tore through the slightly dark evening into the river he was in.

Suddenly, his voice faded away like the stars of the morning and now, everyone in Ovom Community who knows him is mourning. 

Tears rolled uncontrollably, as youths from Ovom Community cried in last respect to a young man, Henry Samuel,  that had died untimely as a result of the increasing crime rate in Bayelsa State.

More and more young persons are passing to the great beyond in the state of a former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan. 

From armed robbery to cult rivalry wars, their lives have become a sacrifice for the decay in the system.  

There is fire on the mounting, but everybody is looking helplessly without running. 

A run from the guns of the police or even an arrest, however, did not end well for the young man whom some young persons are now mourning. 

Men of the Nigeria Police Force had braced up to the task and carried out raids in some areas considered to be flash points and criminal hideouts in Yenagoa, the state's capital.

Ovom, an Epie community located between Onopa and Swali communities, was raided as a result of reports of armed robbery and cult related activities there.

It was late in the evening and the street was busy. Most business owners had closed for the day but, youths especially young boys loiter about in groups.

The sight of several police patrol vans caused panic in the area and the people ran helter-skelter.

While some ran into their homes, others ran towards a river located within the vicinity.

Mothers and their children shouted, as they also ran for safety.

Few motorists seen along the road, refused to pick nor drop passengers within the area.

At the bank of the river, the boys dived into the water and swam farther to evade arrest from the police. Amongst them, was Samuel who had no swimming inclination.

Samuel struggled in the river, but others could barely notice, as it was already getting dark.

While the police officers stood trying to catch their breath and make a decision on what to do, an army gun boat arrived at the shore of the river.

An eyewitness, Mrs Stella Kalakala, told Bounce News that she had shut her shop in the market and went to the river to wash some clothes.

"I was rinsing the last one when l heard sounds of several footsteps running towards the river and l quickly hid behind a heap of sand.

"Some boys ran into the river and challenged those who chased them, to come in and die.”

Mrs Kalakala confirmed that she saw some police officers walk towards the army gun boat.

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"I don't know what they talked about, but after a short while they shot sporadically into the river.”

 According to her, as the shooting intensified, a particular boy kept on shouting.

"Help me make l no wan die here!

"Officer, l no sabi swim o! (I cannot swim)" he pleaded.

She could see faintly, as Samuel disappeared and reappeared in the water for a few minutes before he became silent.

"Fear make me piss two times for bodi (out of fear, l urinated twice on my body), she concluded in pidgin English.

A young man, who simply identified himself as Skimmer, however, claimed that the police officers told the army to open fire on the boys while they were trying to escape through the river. 

"We all know that the boys are dangerously bad.

"There is no good or innocent boy in that area but shooting sporadically at night is bad.

"Samuel is dead but the security agents should be careful because of reprisal attack from the gangs" he warned.

Young men in the state, appear to have easy access to guns and no one knows what will follow in days. 

Bounce News attempted to reach the police and get their side of the story, but the spokesman did not take his calls.

No Statement has been issued on the matter by any security agency in the state.  

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