Nigeria should not be deceived by the Giant of Africa cliche.

If the nation truly wants to be a leading economic power in Africa, it needs to build industries.

This is according to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

It is warning the government that Nigeria's status as the largest economy in the continent may end abruptly.

UNIDO's Representative to ECOWAS and Regional Director at its Nigeria Regional Office, Jean Bakole, made this opinion clear in an interview with news men in Abuja.

“It is a must for the Nigerian government to do everything to industrialise the country to boost its position as the leading economy in Africa,’’ Bakole said.

According to Bakole, industrialisation would help Nigeria achieve its set goal of Economic Recovery and sustainable growth by 2020.

One sector through which this can be achieved is mining.

Bakole said the country has discovered more than 40 mineral resources that have been abandoned due to over dependence on oil.

He said the sector has the potential to create wealth, employment and economic growth for the country.

He therefore pledged that UNIDO would support small scale mining activities and end cases of pollution recorded in the environment.