Good life after retirement, who doesn't want it?

The government is putting stringent measures in place to ensure that it is those who truly deserve it that get it.

The operators of the Contributory Pension Scheme are putting in place a biometric method to improve documentations of retirees and ensure proper payments on entitlements.

Biometrics is an automated method for recognising a person based on measurable biological and behavioural characteristics.

The methods being considered include the use of fingerprints, voiceprints, facial features, writing patterns, iris patterns and hand geometry.

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This means that as a pensioner, no one (unless authorized by you) will be able to collect your pension on your behalf.

According to the Pension Funds Operators Association, the method also involves the use of passwords and PIN to ensure highest level of security.

The association believes the biometric hardware will “capture the salient human characteristic, while the software interprets the resulting data and determines acceptability.”

The Executive Director, Operations, Crusader Sterling Pensions Limited, Conrad Ifode, said the main objectives were to establish a uniform set of rules, regulations and standards for the administration and payments of retirement benefits for the public service of the federation, the Federal Capital Territory and the private sector.

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