Are you friends gaining more attention from men when you guys hang out?

Are their skins as shiny as freshly caught ripe paw paw?

Do they glow like diamonds in the dark and you wonder, when will I look this beautiful? PLEASE WE BEG YOU, SAVE YOUR FUTURE.

“There is a changing paradigm in skin disease in Nigeria due mainly to the large-scale use of bleaching and skin toning creams.

“Most skin disorders are self-inflicted by the use of bleaching and toning creams.  Most of those creams could tomorrow be the cause of one’s skin cancer or kidney failure.”

Dr Eshan Henshaw, a Consultant Dermatologist with University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, said this on Monday in Calabar.

Speaking at a forum she said most skin disorders on humans were largely caused by deliberate attempts to alter primary colours.

Henshaw, who is the Chairperson of National Association of Dermatologist in Cross River, explained that the conference, which has the theme “Expanding the Frontiers of Dermatologist in Nigeria”, shall bring in experts in skin disease care from home and abroad.

“These experts shall brainstorm on the skin, particularly the black skin and how best to treat them.

“In view of this, we have come to intimate you (the commissioner) about the conference and to also solicit government’s support toward the success of the conference.”

Responding, Asibong said that the conference theme was apt, adding that Nigeria had been the dumping and trial ground of many skin care products by some foreign countries.

She added that “the rising cases of cancer and kidney failure have become a challenge to medical experts and the Cross River Government is particularly concerned about this".