Have you suddenly started having nightmares after you fixed that expensive imported Indian wig?

Well, chances are you may be wearing hair dedicated to Indian gods in a Hindu temple.

You see, at temples across India, businesses are making millions of dollars from shaved off hair.

For Hindu followers, shaving off one's tresses is an act of devotion, but at the Thiruthani Murugan temple and others across India, it is all about the money.

Some days, there are hundreds of disciples waiting before dawn at the hilltop shrine west of Chennai to take part in the centuries-old traditional offering to the gods – beginning with shaving of one’s hair.

As they ask the deities for good fortune and health, temple attendants collect the locks for sale to be used for wigs or fashion industry hair extensions.

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These wigs and hair extensions end up in Africa and Europe.

Businesses say the country earns several hundred million dollars a year from its high-quality locks.

China and Russia are serious rivals in terms of volume.

European countries are the biggest customers, but a lot is also sold in the rest of Asia, the United States and even Africa.

In life nothing goes for nothing, not even hairs for the gods