A young Nigerian woman based in the United States of America was found dead in the bush.

22-year-old Susan Anyanwu-Corbin's skeletal remains were found in a wooded area in Dedham last week.

A resident discovered the bones last Tuesday while walking in a wooded area adjacent to a parking lot at 376 High Street, near a senior housing complex.

She was reported missing in February 2016. She had been in the country for four or five years and had lived in several Boston neighborhoods including Dorchester and Roslindale.

Dedham Police Chief Michael J. d'Entremont and Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey released photos showing a copy of the Marist College sweatshirt the woman was wearing and the actual ring and bracelet with a "peace" charm found with the remains.  

She was also wearing a pair of Atmosphere brand sweatpants.

"Now that we have a name attached to the body, we are looking for information about her disappearance. People who may have socialized with her, may have resided with her, worked with her, corresponded on Facebook, or even been socially friendly with her."
"The information developed at this point does not establish there was or was not foul play associated with her disappearance and death. And there are a number of important questions still to be answered here", said Morrissey.