This is a case of double wahala for deadi bodi and the owner of deadi bodi.

How do you explain to his relatives that he slumped and died while digging the grave of a dead elderly woman.

Ifeanyi Nwafor, who was said to have joined his mates in the drinking episode of the wake-keep till dawn, slumped and died while digging the grave.

The ugly incident, occurred in Onunwankwo village, Umuhuali community in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

A member of the ‘Youth Assembly’ in the area, Mr. Nonso Ekuma, said the deceased was conspicuous in all the burial activities during the wake keep of the late woman known as Madam Alioke Mgbanya.

He said, “At dawn, the deceased, Ifeanyi Nwafor, participated in the digging of the grave for the burial of the old woman when he met his death.

“The deceased joined his mates in the drinking episode of the wake-keep till dawn, when they began to prepare the grave before the arrival of the parish priest to bury the dead woman as others equally took their turns,” he stressed.

“When Ifeanyi got into the grave with a digger, he dug two times and on the third round, he could not bring down the digger, but slumped and died in the grave.

He maintained that every effort made by sympathisers, including warming his feet with fire to see if he could be revived, proved abortive.

The deceased, Ifeanyi, was equally buried on Saturday at Azuegu village, Umuhuali.

Another eyewitness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Southern City News that Ifeanyi was a driver by profession.

He said a member of Ifeanyi's family died similarly in 2016 while farming. He reportedly raised his hoe, slumped and died.

“The deceased is survived by a wife and two kids and all are resident in this community,” he disclosed.