The war of words between Governor Nyesome Wike Rivers State and the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is getting messier.

This what the federal government wants to end - an era of hate speech. But how do you sanction a serving governor or a chapter of your own party?

The APC has vowed to capture the state in 2019.

On Sunday, while speaking at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Diobu, Port Harcourt; Wike swore to die in 2019 rather than see the APC win the governorship election.

But the APC in response said Wike’s comments showed that he is an unrepentant believer in violent politics.

The party also said by the statement, the Governor appears to be heading back to “his old path of threat, incitement and sabre-rattling as a political ideology”.

The APC's Publicity Secretary in Rivers, Chris Finebone, said he finds the governor’s statement as 'extremely unbefitting and grossly demeaning to the high office' he holds.

"By declaring to die than to allow APC win Rivers State in 2019, Gov. Wike has made sufficient declaration of electoral ‘do or die’ war. The governor obviously has crossed the red line between politics of decency and moral high ground and that of thuggery and bestiality. The declaration is manifestly anti-democratic and assaults the sensibilities of decent people.

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“Clearly, Gov. Wike has demonstrated that the only language of politics he understands is violence and killing hence his unrestrained use of the word “die” in most of his statements concerning elections. He is known for threatening death to electoral officials and every other person, sadly, he has now promised death to himself. But by all means, the APC honestly wants Gov. Wike alive and well.

“Gov. Nyesom Wike that, God willing, the APC will win Rivers State resoundingly come 2019 and the governor will remain alive to experience what is called governance and not the tokenism he is offering Rivers people now.

"The governor will live to witness a government that will undertake visionary projects based on budgets that will be made public as against the present mafia-style government of his where everything, including the state budget, is patently secret.”

The APC advised Gov. Wike to make conscious efforts to understand that if he replaces ‘death’ with ‘life’ in his statements, his associates and others may adopt a perception of politics being ‘do or die’.