Formula One driver Jenson Button has made an interesting revelation about world renowned businessman, Sir Richard Branson, and it is not so pleasant.

Behind the smart and confident businessman we know is also a man who loves his wine and could misbehave when drunk.

Button wrote in his new book how he met a "very, very drunk" Sir Richard Branson and the tycoon touched his model girlfriend's face at a posh restaurant.

The incident occurred at high-end Japanese restaurant, Nobu with his then girlfriend Jessica Michibata at the 2009 Australian Grand Prix.

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The book extract was published by the Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

"His Royal Highness Sir Richard Branson was arriving," Button wrote of the businessman approaching their table.

"And he was very, very drunk.

"I had to make a toilet visit so I didn’t see what happened next, which was that he leaned over to Jessica and told her, 'Stop staring at me.'

"She pointed out that she wasn’t staring at him. 'Stop staring at me,' he insisted.

"Although Jessica was a model she was quite shy, so this was making her feel uncomfortable.

"Especially when Sir Richard followed up his blatant flirting by putting his hand on her face."

But he said he was furious to return to see "His Excellency with his hand on my girlfriend’s face".

Button recalls: “'Hold on', I said, 'that’s enough. That’s well out of order'.”

Branson later apologised for his behaviour and said that he gave up alcohol after.