The Assets Management Company of Nigeria, AMCON is fed up with its debtors.

The debtors owe AMCON a cumulative sum of 5.4 trillion naira. It is now planning a drastic measure of seizing their assets.  

The corporation said there will be no more room for negotiation with debtors and the company is now set for a new stage which is complete assets take-over.

AMCON boss, Ahmed Kuru, who disclosed in an interview with newsmen in Abuja on Sunday, said that the 5.4 trillion-naira debt had lingered for too long.

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“Resolutions through staggered plans have never worked. Let us not forget that before those loans were transferred to AMCON they have been with the banks for over five years.

“Now, AMCON is almost seven years, so the facility has been running bad for 12 years. It is not easy to recover those kinds of facilities.

“So now we have changed our strategy from sitting down and drinking tea and the obligors telling us lies and we pretend that we don’t know you are telling us lies.

“There is no more time for lies because we have a sunset period.  So now our focus is on recovery.  We do not want to hear anything, you cannot come and tell me you are going to pay me in the next six years, I do not have that time.

“If you cannot pay me the money now then give me my assets because the assets belong to AMCON so that we can sell it,” Kuru lamented.

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