If you thought treasury bills are no longer sexy, you may have to have a rethink this new year.

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN is planning to raise a total of 1.809 trillion naira from the debt market, between now and March.

This is according to data contained in the Nigerian Treasury Bills Issue Programme for the first quarter of 2019, posted on the bank’s website.

The apex bank said it would raise 823.43 billion naira from rollover programmes with a maturity period ranging from one to three years.

According to the document, 91-day bills worth 51.46 billion naira will be rolled over, together with 182-day bills worth 164.92 billion naira and 364-days bill worth 607.05 billion naira.

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The apex bank also said that 985.93-billion-naira worth of treasury bills would mature during the same period.

They are in 91-day, 182-day and 364-day papers worth 59.02 billion naira, 248.84 billion naira and 678.06 billion naira respectively.

The CBN sells treasury bills twice a month to help the federal government raise money to fund its budget deficit.

It also issues treasury bills regularly to help control the amount of money in circulation to curb inflation.

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