CJ Obasi has been considered an 'outside the box' film maker, mainly because of the kind of choices he makes when it comes to movies.

His first movie the 2014 flick, Ojuju, is a horror-comedy film, his 2015 movie O-Town, is a tapestry of genres- horror, drama, comedy and the supernatural all thrown in.

His third film, a short film titled Hello Rain is an Afro futuristic movie (think Black Panther), and his upcoming movie (still in the funding stage) titled Mami Water, is a black and white, supernatural movie. 

The 'fiery one' as he has nicknamed himself, who got into film making in 2011, has never shown his movies in Nigerian cinemas, and has chosen  film festivals, flight entertainment, Netflix and other digital and terrestrial platforms.

CJ Obasi, explained to Bounce News why Nigerian cinemas are at the bottom of his list, when in comes to distributing his content.

"How many people are really making money from Nigerian cinemas? First of all, we do not even have enough screens.

"So, mathematically we cannot make money from Nigerian cinemas. I know its a controversial thing to say, but it is the simple truth.

"Let's do the math for a second. Say you make 100 million Naira from Nigerian cinemas, and mind you only 3 or 4 Nigerian movies have ever reached that mark in the history of Nigerian cinemas.

"Let that sink in, in the history of Nigeria. Among the thousands of films released only 3 or 4 have reached that amount, or crossed that."

His Analogy Follows:

"Let's say as a film maker you make 100 million naira, it won't, but let's just say it happens; and you have to split a percentage with the cinemas and other distributors, you get only about 25%.

"25% of 100 million is 25 million Naira. How much did you make the movie? Let's say your so frugal, and you made the movie for 10 million, you need to payback to investors, and pay taxes, how much is left?

"I am in the industry and I know how it is, those outside are fooled by the glitz.

"Most of the people are not making any money, but they are okay with the red carpet and the dash and all that.

"Right now what we have a situation where if you do not have millions of naira to do your PR and marketing, and you just put your movie in the cinema, your on your own. That is the situation we have.

"The cinema structure is very flawed. That is to even put it mildly. It's very flawed and no one is saying the truth. So, everyone is out there making more movies, without having any idea of how they are going to sell", he added.