Is this a war of words brewing between a former President, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, and President Muhammadu Buhari? 

Dr. Obasanjo has chided President Muhammadu Buhari, saying he (Buhari) is sick in the body, mind and soul.

Speaking to the BBC Yoruba on Monday, Obasanjo opined: “Buhari has health issues in his body, mind and soul.

"We should implore him to quit politics. He should go and rest. He has done his best.

Obasanjo said when people complain to him that the next person may not do better, he tells them that democracy gives room for replacement.

“We should give someone else a chance. Some people usually ask me, if the person I support fails them...."

In his state of the nation address on Sunday, Obasanjo accused the President of taking the country back to the Sani Abacha era.

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He accused the Buhari government of derailing the country’s fledgling democracy by using security institutions to fight its critics.

“EFCC, Police and Code of Conduct Tribunal are also being equally misused to deal with those Buhari sees as enemies for criticising him or as those who may not do his bidding in manipulating election results.

"Criticism, choice and being different are inherent trade mark of democracy.

"If democracy is derailed or aborted, anarchy and authoritarianism will automatically follow,” Obasanjo had said.

Buhari, however, fired back at Obasanjo, saying he would teach the ex-President and his co-travellers a political lesson they will never forget.

He also advised him to see a doctor. 

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