Female comedian, actress and presenter Wofaifada took to her Instagram page to narrate how her iPhone 7 was stolen at the African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards ceremony.

Wofai pleaded with whoever has the phone to please return it saying, 'had to borrow a phone to log in and post this message, It's painful. Please can he/she just return my phone biko.for the love of God. Too many contents in that phone'.

Right under the post, one of her followers commented, 'you don't have to tell us its iPhone 7. Madam get yourself another phone, people steal phones every day and people loose phones everyday'.

Don Jazzy, who is popular for his social media posts and not just his music production skills or singing, jumped to the defense of Wofai when he replied the unruly fan, 'you are quite daft sir. No disrespect'.

don jazzy

That must have really hurt.

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