Some laws when enacted appear like they take us back to ages past.

A new law enacted by Lagos State that makes Yoruba Language compulsory for students seeking admission into the state’s institutions, has continued to draw reactions.

The latest is coming from a policy analyst, Dr. Boniface Chizea, and he said the law in a cosmopolitan Lagos State seen as the commercial capital of Nigeria is parochial and clannish. 

In a statement sent to Bounce News, the policy analyst wrote: "It is becoming increasingly problematic keeping abreast of developments in Nigeria particularly weird developments.

"It has just been announced that Lagos State Governor has signed into law a bill that is aimed at preserving the YORUBA LANGUAGE in cosmopolitan Lagos State; a state that not too long ago was home to the capital of Nigeria and even then the reality today is that Lagos remains the Commercial Capital of the country.


"And therefore would be the last location you would expect that this sort of parochial and clannish steps would be taken. 

"What is mysterious about this development is the rush with which it is being pushed through. 

"There were no public hearings to the best of my knowledge and prompt instructions have gone out to tertiary institutions in the State to refuse admission to any candidate without a credit pass in YORUBA at the secondary level with a clear threat of warning in the first instance of non-compliance to be subsequently followed with a fine of 500,000 Naira and even at risk of closure!  

"May be, surreptitiously, this matter had been work in progress for a long time, otherwise one is completely at a loss how such a measure with far reaching implications would be implemented in such a rash manner. Honestly the whole procedure is comical if not that it is such a serious matter".

Dr. Chizea also highlighted that the development could trigger such laws in other states and wondered what the so much preached unity and oneness would become.

"And as other states copy the example of Lagos what would that do to the vaunted clamour for oneness and unity in the Country?

"Why are we importing additional problems into a situation assailed with overwhelming bottlenecks undermining the development prospects of the Nation.

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"How does this measure accommodate the numerous non-indigenes that contribute humongous amount to the State treasury through the payment of taxes and suffocating sundry levies that accords Lagos State the pride of place from the perspective of its Internally Generated Revenue?" the analyst questioned.