Nollywood actress, Yewande Adekoya, maybe in big trouble in the United States.

The film star popular for her roles in Yoruba movies has reportedly been placed under house arrest.

Yemisi’s crimes have been linked to credit card fraud and bank transfer illeglities.

According to Kemi Ashefon, the award winning actress is a ‘victim of circumstance’, as she ‘unknowingly’ fell victim to some fraudulent Nigerians in Atlanta Georgia.

The alleged criminals used her bank accounts for deceitful fund transfer.

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Yewande's her passport and other travelling documents have been seized until investigation is concluded.

“Yewande’s account was used to make some fraudulent transfers in the United States, and she was arrested for questioning. This is no new practice among some Nigerian actors and their foreign fraudulent promoters, who use them for such crimes and they get huge cuts from such deals.”  A source close to the incident revealed.

The actress failed to return to Nigeria since October after attending the Oodua Image Awards which was held in Houston, Texas.

Initially, Yewande was said to have stayed back in order to shoot a movie but unfortunately, she was kept back longer because of the alleged crime.

Yewande is popular for her roles in Iyawo Adedigba and as a kleptomaniac in a movie titled Kudi Klepto.

She is married and her husband Abiodun Thomas is also an actor and movie producer.

Another Yoruba actress, Lola Margaret, was arrested in July of this year, in the same Atlanta Georgia for credit card fraud.

When she was released, she took to social media to celebrate her freedom.

There might just be a credit card fraud scheme run by Nigerians happening in Atlanta.

Like the saying goes - Lightening does not strike twice on the same spot.