This is not the best of times for Ibadan-based tungba gospel singer, Yinka Ayefele, whose radio station has just been partially demolished by the state government.

The Oyo state government’s argument is that the building named Music House was not approved for a radio station.

But during an emotional press conference held at the building on Monday, Ayefele decided to address some of these issues.

According to him, he requested for a business complex with two studios proposed and this was approved with the building having existed for more than ten years now.

“I have not done anything that contradicts my original plan,” he lamented.

His conclusion about his current predicament is that the demolition is politically inclined and that he is just being punished for the abattoir incident in Ibadan.

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Abattoir libel

What really is the problem with the abattoir? How did he get into trouble with that?

Ayefele told Bounce News: “I don't know how it all happened. I was listening to my presenters and one of my analysts, Dare Adekambi discussing about how the state government moved the meat sellers in Bodija to a new location which he mentioned that the state government has a share in.

“This infuriated the Governor and we were told to let our listeners know that what he said was wrong, that the government does not have a share in the project.

“We invited the Commissioner for Information, Toye Arulogun on air three times which he came only twice to clear the air on the issue at hand.

“We also invited the contractor that built the abattoir, he also came to explain the situation of things to our listeners, after which I instructed the analyst to go on air and retract the statement and apologise to the state government.

PHOTOS: Yinka Ayefele's Fresh FM Building Demolished

“After all these took place, the Attorney-General of the state sent me a letter of libel requesting for 500 million naira to compensate the governor for what we did, and there is no way I could raise such a huge amount of money.”

The Demolition

Ayefele also explained all that transpired between his organization and the government agencies, prior to the demolition.

According to him, he was served about three letters which he fully responded to.

“I got about three letters requesting the approved plan of the Music House and I instructed one of my staffs to take it to their office and they promised to get back to us, the same thing happened the second time.

“When I was served the third letter, I informed my lawyer and he went ahead to speak with them and their response was that they will get back to us.

“We did not receive a letter of demolition from any government agencies concerning the demolition of our building.

“The only letter they brought was delivered on Monday 13th August 2018 which was a 3-day demolition notice.”

Ayefele who was hospitalized on Saturday evening also revealed how, in a bid to appease the constituted authority, he sent his wife alongside members of his staff to go and plead with the Governor on Saturday night so as not to go ahead with the demolition.

Ruing his loss, Ayefele lamented about a broadcast equipment which he recently acquired and worth about 28 million naira; air-conditioners, computers, furniture...etc. that were all destroyed in the demolition.

The government bulldozer came in around 5:30am on Sunday, August 19 with fully armed security agents and demolished a part of the building.

Speaking on compensation, Ayefele believes there is nothing he can do if the Government decides not to compensate him for the loss, and if they do, it would be fine by him.

The radio station has been relocated and Fresh FM has since been back on air.

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