Aghedo Andrew is in big trouble with the children of Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti.

Twenty minutes before Femi Kuti got on stage to perform with his Positive Force band, Andrew ran away.

Perhaps Andrew, who is a bassist in the band, wanted to look for the famed greener pastures in Donald Trump’s country, we will never know.

He had accompanied the African music maestro while on the 'One People, One World' tour.

Apart from Femi Kuti stating his displeasure at the band member absconding, he exposed  the 'runaway' Andrew, by putting up his name and photograph on Instagram.

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Femi Kuti’s sister, Yeni decided to take her wrath a step further by placing a curse on the erring instrumentalist.

“The face of betrayal. I hope @realdonaldtrump catches you and deports you!!! Deserted band 20mins before concert because he wants to stay in America.” She wrote on Instagram next to a picture of his face.

Andrew might have really checked out this time.

See Yeni Kuti's reaction to the 'runaway' bassist below:

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