It appears Yemi Alade wants it to be on record that she can sing as well as she can dance.

The singer in her recent releases has been making conscious effort to actually hit new notes.

Throughout the year, she has released "How I Feel", "Elele" and now "Oh My Gosh" — all beautifully sung tracks.

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She had kept on with her Mama Africa vibe which over time was getting old, but with this exploration of a different sound, Yemi Alade would definitely be making her fans happy.

Like in her earlier songs released in 2018, the singer wears her heart on her sleeve, as she talks about how she feels when she thinks about her lover.

The song has the usual suspects behind it, as "Oh My Gosh" is  produced by DJ Coublon and written by Klem.

We hope this sign could mean Yemi Alade is gearing up for another album.

You can listen to "Oh My Gosh" right here:

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