In a period where sexual harassment  is in the forefront of discussion, Kiss Daniel faces accusing fingers, who claim that his song ‘Yeba’ promotes sexual assault.

In America, Harvey Weinstein has been labeled the face of sexual harassment and rape in Hollywood.

In Nigeria, some Nollywood film makers have been accused of sexual assault; so why would Kiss Daniel want to be caught up in all the mess with his song?

‘Yeba’ was one of the  biggest songs of 2017 and is still making headlines on the airwaves.

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However, some social media users have said that the part of the song that says  “Uncle, stop touching“,  might be encouraging men to force themselves on women.

The singer has responded insisting that the song does not in any way advocate for anything outside of consent between two adults.

He also stated that it actually does the opposite as just after “Uncle, stop touching”, comes “Sorry madam” from the supposed uncle.

See his reply below: