A mother in Bayelsa State has declared a seven-day fire-for-fire fast after criminals took her daughter's pant at gun point. 

It is the new trend of crime in the state and women are really becoming comfortable going out without any underwear. 

First it was considered a rumour and that is because every ear that heard it tingled.

It is the kind of crime that makes one wonder if Bayelsa is now sin city.

I sat at a table in a bar with some young men and listened to their conversations.

It was about this same rumour, but their stories sounded real, with all doubts cleared. They had a good idea of what it was. 

Ladies between ages 13 to 30 have become endangered species, with their pants more expensive than some used Tokunbo cars.

A group of armed robbers had emerged in the state in the past two weeks and they are not coming for your money, mobile phones, electronics or foodstuff. 

They go for the pant of any lady they find that falls within that age range and with an easy wear (gown or skirt).

Bounce News heard of an incident that occurred by School Road field at Edepie and investigated that story. 

"It's a goal!" exclaimed the excited spectators as they stood in unison to cheer their team.

It was evening and the weather was cool.

School Road field located by Edepie roundabout, was a busy place. Young male footballers from two streets within the community played against each other in a friendly match.

Food vendors who sold cooked food between 4: p.m. to 9:15 p.m., at the entrance of the street everyday were busy attending to their numerous customers.

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People stood in clusters chatting while others cheered the players.

Six boys, dressed in oversized shirts and sagged dirty trousers walked sluggishly towards a young girl dressed in a knee length gown, eyewitnesses said.

She was an easy prey, as she stood alone and away from the crowd! Quickly, they surrounded her.  

"Ama (young girl), take style comot your pant for me" ordered their leader smiling to avoid unwarranted attention towards them while he showed her the edge of a small axe tucked inside his boxers.

The girl, who was simply identified as Emmanuella, offered them her Andriod phone which they refused.

Struck with fear, she tried to run but met resistance from members of the group who also carried different weapons concealed under their clothes.

"If you shout, l will shoot" he warned.

Emmanuella looked towards the football field and realised she was all alone as her effort to make eye contact for help with anyone proved abortive.

Slowly she lifted the hem of her gown. Pulled down an orange coloured lace pant, folded it and gave to the pant thief.

Immediately, they stopped a tricycle and instructed her to leave the vicinity even though her house was in the next street. Weeping and wondering what they intend to do with her under wear, she obeyed.

The victim, Emmanuella, told Bounce News that she knew Yahoo boys steal women's undies for money rituals in Delta State but never knew it had reached Bayelsa State. 

Narrating what she had heard, she said: "Women pant especially those already worn are used for quick money rituals.

"It is the latest money making venture now.

"For robbing and humiliating me, I will take drastic measures against those thieves".

it is a spiritual affair and Emmanuela's mother is not taking it in lying low.

She is going spiritual about it.

The woman simply identified as Mama Emma has declared a seven-day fasting and prayer session to neutralise whatever had been done against her daughter.

Another resident of the state, a pharmacist, Mrs Grace Angbaru, who had had the experience confirmed the activities of the 'Pant Boys' in the state.

"Pant Boys are in Yenagoa now.

"When they realised that l was 47 years old, they handed my pant over to me," she said. 

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She revealed that women between the ages of 13 to 30 years are their main target.

To confirm if the police had received any report on the Pant Boys, Bounce News had a chat with the spokesman for the police in Bayelsa State, Asinim Butswat.

He said the matter was never reported to the police.

"I believe the victim didn't report it for fear of victimisation since it has something to do with her undies," he said. 

At the bar that evening, the young men discussing the issue said worn women pants were sold between 250,000 Naira to 350,000 Naira to Yahoo + boys outside Bayelsa state.

The older the pant, the higher the price, one of them said.

As a result of the activities of these Pant Boys, women of childbearing age in the state have been advised to go without pants.

While Nigerians are afraid of losing their pants to Pant Boys, a white lady wants to make money through her underwear. 

She responded to a post by a former aide to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri.

a white lady expressed interest in using her pant

Nigerians responded to her request in very hilarious ways.