So, perhaps, you are looking for a way to wrap your head around this.

You are not alone.

But its pretty straight forward. The woman is going to give birth with a womb that gave birth to her.

The woman, who is from India, will become the first in Asia to become pregnant and give birth to a baby after undergoing a successful uterus transplant recently.

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Doctors with a private hospital in Pune, a city in the southwestern state of Maharashtra, India, confirmed that the uterus transplanted into the pregnant woman is her mother’s.

The 27-year-old woman is now in her 20th week of pregnancy.

“The uterus transplanted into her has not delivered for the past 20 years,” said the doctors.

“Transplanting the uterus was a difficult task. It was a nine-hour surgery. It is not a very easy surgery, chances of infection were very high.

“The embryo was completely embedded in the lady so that she can conceive,” Dr Puntambekar said on Friday.

“This is my mother’s uterus. I am happy that my baby will grow in the same uterus same as I,” said the woman.

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