Ann and Gussie Crumby were born in May 1916 but they waited until September to throw a party and celebrate their 102nd birthday.

It is an amazing feat that has got the internet buzzing and further highlights the trend that has seen more Americans living above 100.

The twins were raised by their grandmother in Hancock County, Georgia, southeast of Atlanta, where they grew up on a farm, worked on the field and went to “a little school” with only one teacher, they told WMAZ-TV.

Both became seamstresses, with Ann moving to New York when she got married, and Gussie staying closer to home with her husband.

They lived apart for decades, but reunited in the late 90s, and since then, “we haven't been apart so much,” the women told the station.

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How do they feel at 102 years?

"I don't even know I'm old. I still feel young," Ann Crumby told the station.

"I don't feel no different than I did [than] when I was 101," added Gussie Crumby, noting that she and her sister always make sure to be together.

"When I look around, I see her and when she looks around, she sees me.”

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