You probably thought that Nigerian doctors migrated to only North America and Europe.

But it now appears that they would rather just practice anywhere but Nigeria, as reports have shown that there are over 5,000 medical practitioners in South Africa.

The medical professionals, according to the Consul General of Nigeria in South Africa, Mr. Godwin Adama, work in various teaching, public and private hospitals in South Africa.

The Vice Consul, Information and Culture, Mr David Abraham, quoted Adama as disclosing this when Nigerian Doctors’ Forum South Africa, led by its Secretary General, Dr Emeka Ugwu, visited him in Johannesburg.

“This shows that virtually every hospital in South Africa has a sizeable number of Nigerian Doctors; and this includes teaching, public and private hospitals.

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“What this means is that Nigerian Doctors and other professionals are constantly adding value to the system and this cannot be over-emphasised.”

According to him, South Africa is replete with many Nigerian professionals who are contributing to the economic development in both public and private sectors in the country.

“Unfortunately, this has been either not reported at all or grossly under-reported.

“It is in this light that Nigerian professionals in South Africa have determined that they will no longer sit by and allow their numerous contributions undermined and eroded by negative publicity,” he said.

He said that Nigerian Doctors in South Africa had been involved in Medical Outreaches, where they rendered health services to the less privileged members of the society, particularly the Nigerian nationals.

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