Sorry, sex dolls can now say no to sex, if they are not in the mood.

Dr Sergi Santos, the creator of popular Sex doll, Samantha has made an upgrade on the robot at the request of his wife.

Before, Samantha will open her legs and get down to 'business', no questions asked, but now she can refuse sex if she  is not in the mood or feels disrespected.

The upgrade enables the doll enter what is called ‘Dummy Mode’, which activates sensors under the skin, and also detects when a partner is aggressive or bored by its partner’s advances.

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The robot has ‘family’, ‘romantic’ and ‘sex’ modes, as well as an ‘extra naughty’ level (wink wink).

The upgrade encourages sex doll owners to treat robot women and real women with respect, and promote consent.

Samantha is expected to cost about $4,7000 (1,692,000 Naira)