The story about female pant robbery is no more limited to hoodlums.

There are reports that some Men Of God have also caught the bug of the quick money source.

The 53-year old founder of a celestial church of Christ, ‘Ibanujemidopin’ parish located in Uso, Owo Ondo State, Prophet Olajide Ogunleye is in police custody over alleged pant theft.

He was said to have conspired with a member of the church, Ojonogwa Adejoh to steal about five pants belonging to the member's younger sister and sister-in-law.

The incident has apparently dealt a knock-out punch to his ministry and soiled his pastoral calling within the surrounding where he operates as a self-acclaimed man of God.

Members and workers of his church, who claim to have been shocked by the news, described the occurrence as enough reason to stay away from the church and it's founder.

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"I and my family have been attending the church since 2016 and we have never seen prophet Ogunleye in that act before.

"We have always been seeing him in a father figure and whenever there is any issue in our families or there is need to take any important step, we run to him for prayer and counselling and he is always there to do it.

"But with the latest incident, we are really worried, and it seems we have been misled. Although, he has denied the allegation but for now, we decided to stay away from the church and worship somewhere else." Said one of the church members, who identified herself as Mrs Oladare.

Also, a chorister in the church, Clara Adebayo confirmed that the church was not opened for service on Sunday.

"The news became more circulated on Sunday when some of our members who have not heard about it got to church and were told.

"Some went back to their houses while those who could not go back home attended another church. We felt disappointed because it involved someone whom we were looking up to as a father and mentor. As it is, I can never attend the church again."

The prophet was said to have hypnotised Ojonogwa who came to him for prayers.

Adejoh claimed he lost his consciousness after the prayer which made him go home to steal his younger sister's pants and that of his sister in-law.

Three pants belonging to his younger sister and two belonging to his brother's wife were said to have been found in the prophet's custody.

Prophet Ogunleye however denied the allegation, saying he only prayed for him and didn't ask him to steal pants.

The command spokesman, Femi Joseph who confirmed the incident said the suspects will be charged to court this week.

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