Today is World Environment Day and our planet is increasingly calling for more caution from us as we go about our duties every day.

June 5 is not just a day to read about problems affecting people and political issues in Nigeria, but a day that has been set aside for you to contribute your quota to protecting their environment.

Nigeria is increasingly facing the climate change effect. From flooding to heat waves and its increasing each year.

This year’s theme is all about connecting people to nature.

It is about encouraging people to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the planet in a bid to show people the importance of protecting it for future generations.

Here are 5 things to do today and you are encouraged to form a habit from these things so that it will become part of your daily life.

1.   Plant a Tree – Trees are our source of oxygen and planting one or caring for one planted by another is of great benefit to humans.

2.   Dispose wastes properly – Drainage systems blocked with plastics, food packs and other nylon materials are common sights in Lagos and other cities. These materials do not decay. All they do is get into the drainage system, block it and cause rain flood to damage our roads and flood homes.The next time you want to dispose anything that does not decay, make sure you are dropping it into a waste bin.

3.   Pick up litter thrown on the streets by people and save our drainage system  from being blocked.

4.   Make sure that your car does not smoke. It is hard to get smoke out of our system and it is very harmful.

5.   Do not burn anything. Dispose them properly. Do not make everyone inhale smoke.

The rains are here and if Lagos and other cities' residents do not care about where they live, they shall surely swim and bear the burden of their careless actions.