Bolatito was a hard worker with a good head on her shoulders.

Like clockwork, she was in before 8am everyday, and worked tirelessly till the close of work. She was good at her job and believed in the business. It also helped that she was a trusted staff who had a great rapport with her boss.

But things started to change after Eki was hired.

Eki was equally a hard worker, coming in before everyone and still being the last one to leave. So, it wasn't long before the two ladies struck up a friendship, it was a match made in office heaven.

That is until Eki started to get lofty ideas.

You see, Eki was an extremely ambitious young lady who was bent on not only attaining the height of her career at a very early age, but also of amassing great wealth. All very noble plans, except she had no intentions of achieving them from mere honest work. It was on this premise that she began to double deal.

From meeting with clients for her private business on company time to eventually trying to divert company contracts to her personal business, Eki was determined to 'hammer' and she quickly spotted a willing victim in Bolatito.

Before long, she had Bolatito going against her personal principles to draft proposals and business plans using company resources at her disposal for a promised percentage of the total deal.

It all seemed like a done deal until luck ran out on the duo after they were caught trying to pass off a company proposal under their newly established joint venture.

Eki was fired on the spot, while Bolatito retained her job based on her years of loyal service. The goodwill she previously had with her bosses, however, was never the same till she eventually resigned out of frustration.

So, are you a Bolatito in waiting? Is there a colleague whose friendly overtures could really be detrimental to your job and career in the long run?

The truth is the average Nigerian worker spends more time at work than with family. It's no wonder that many great bonds are formed in the workplace. But in all of this, one needs to be careful as to the sort of bonds that are forged in therein.

There must be a clear sense of discernment and purpose with any friendship formed in the workplace because this is where you earn a living, so the last thing you want to do is mess things up.

That said, here are 5 types of people you should avoid like the plague if you want to get to the top of your career.

1.The gossip: Because this person always has everyone's gist and there's no saying the day you'll equally become a topic of discussion as well. Be mindful of what and whom you share your private matters with, and more importantly once you have identified a co-worker as having a runny mouth, do yourself a favour and avoid them.

2. The complainer: There's nothing as dangerous as hanging around a person who never sees the good in others or situations. These people will complain about everything from a task given to the fact that another co-worker has been eating the same meal since Monday. Rather than focus on the positive, they dwell on all the things that are wrong with the company, yet offer no workable solution. Brother/sister, flea from them as they offer nothing but negative energy.

3. The "its-not-my-business": This lot have mastered the art of coasting along. They come to work, carry out their primary assignment but show absolutely no initiative. The truth is every organisation appreciates a worker who goes above and beyond their primary task to add value to the organisation. That's why some people quickly rise through the ranks, and others stay watching from the sideline, murmuring "it's not my business". If you want to succeed, you really don't need this kind of person around.

4. The ass-kissers: The absolute worst. First cousins of the gossips, they'll say one thing before you and another when you turn your back. On top of that, they're constantly trying to warm up to the bosses and will make up all kinds of stories, including sell a colleague short just to gain favour. Long story short, you never want to cross paths with this group, so keep them at arms length.

5. The over-ambitious schemers: Like Eki from earlier, this kind constantly have a deal up their sleeves, which more often than not is a crooked one. They're ready to do whatever it takes to succeed, which on many occasions includes roping people into shady situations. So if you love your job, career and if nothing else, the salary you get at the end of the month, steer clear of them.