As part of the Bounce News Workers’ Day package, we will bring you things every Nigerian worker, regardless of the cadre and status, can relate to.

1. TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday is a popular line every worker can relate with. More often than not, workers unwind on Fridays after a long week’s work.

2. Alert: Bank alert is not just popular among workers but what they often look forward to at the end of the month. ‘You don get alert’? is a popular phrase among workers at the end of each working month.

3. KPI: Key Performance Index which is often used to measure productivity among staffers is another thing almost every Nigerian worker can relate with.

4. Cooperative: To get some form of financial leeway, most establishments run cooperative schemes and almost every Nigeria worker can relate with the idea of cooperatives. This majorly involves pulling together some resources for the good of all.

5. Strike: More often than not, it doesn’t go smoothly between employers and employees. So, one way displeasure is registered and demands are made are through strike actions. While not all Nigerian workers have had cause to embark on strikes, they full know what it is.

6. Bonus: Often given as an incentive for better performance, Nigerian workers love any form of extra cash and bonuses, when they come, are things every worker can really relate with it. Declare a bonus and wait to see the great smile that would greet the faces of Nigerian workers and indeed their counterparts across the globe