As workers all over the world celebrate their day today, there are many people without work and are only praying for work to be able to put food on their tables.

At the ongoing conference organized by the Christian Covenant Centre, Iganmu, the Chief Executive Officer of Bestman Games, Mrs. Nimi Akinkugbe had loads of advice for people without work, especially young people.

Here are four things Mrs. Akinkugbe recommends that would not only get you employed but make you an employer.

1. Invest In Yourself: “Do you develop yourself? Do you read widely? Do you educate yourself?

It truly is the most important investment of all. Are you good at public speaking, cooking? Are you good at acting? Just think of what it is. Why do people see you and they say, "Oh! You are so good at this", and they keep coming to you for advice. Are you good at business planning?

These are all ways you can earn income. It is your responsibility to invest in yourself to develop these skills and leverage on it,” said Mrs. Akinkugbe.

2. Identify Your Talents: According to Mrs. Akinkugbe, whose company, Bestman Games brought Monopoly Games to Nigeria in 2012, every human being has at least one or more unique God-given talents that can be developed for economic empowerment.

She said: “I know its workers’ day and we are celebrating workers, many of you may not have a job. There are very few jobs out there but what have you done about your own unique God-given talents? It really is what you can use to change the world.

“What are you passionate about? What are you exceptionally gifted at? What are your hobbies? You might be an engineer but are you brilliant with computers? Are you great at teaching music? Are you good with singing, dancing, writing? What can you do? Are you good with graphic design?

“Those things that you are passionate about are what you can use to propel yourself to greater heights. Sometimes, unemployment can be that platform, that push someone needs to be propelled to greater things. You must look inwards. It is your responsibility to find your God-given talent, identify it, nurture it, utilize it and leverage on it.”

3. Realise That No One Owes You A Job: It sometimes feels alright to feel entitled to a job, especially if you have a university degree. But Mrs. Akinkugbe is sorry to burst your bubble. No one owes you a job and you need to realise it quickly.

“Every day, we see young people, articulate graduates who are without jobs. Your degree does not owe you a job. It is so important that you realise that. When I graduated, it was almost automatic to get a job. That is not the case now. And that is okay. So, don’t feel that anyone owes you a job,” she said.

“Maybe it’s time for you to create jobs. It is so important that you change that entitlement mindset and look at self-employment and entrepreneurship. You have the skills and you have the tools and it comes from developing yourself, cultivating your network. Try to ensure that you always add value,” she added.

4. Find A Side Hustle: Even after finding that much needed job, Mrs. Akinkugbe believes it is a right call to find a side-gig.

She said: “You need a side hustle. What is your side hustle? Do you have one? It is so important. Do not let your talents or side business be left to waste. At the same time, if you are employed be very careful about conflict of interest. You don’t let that make you lose your job.”

5. Invest In The Right Relationship: Birds of a feather, they say flock together. But beyond that, you must make sure to cultivate and nurture the right relationships if you must grow financially, says Mrs. Akinkugbe.

“Relationships are very critical. You need to invest in relationships. Someone once said, surround yourself with enablers and rid yourself of disablers. It sounds a bit awkward especially if the disablers are dependent members of your family.

“But you have got to be conscious. Try to be with people that propel you forward – people that motivate you and encourage you. We all know when we are around people that drain us. You don’t want to spend so much time with people like that. You should spend time with ambitious, motivated people and limit the time you spend with people that discourage you,” she said.