Workers are receiving accolades all over Nigeria for being able to manage 18,000 Naira minimum wage for several years without a review.

So many challenges are facing Nigerian workers, including getting quality healthcare.

While many of them have access to health insurance policies, the real document only provides few ailments that are not expensive.

One circumstance that most workers in Nigeria face is that of seating for so long while at work.

Doctors have said it leads to several health issues. 

Most of them do not have time to exercise and a public health specialist, with the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Eze Ugochukwu, says it is vital that workers begin to adopt very easy ways to exercise to stay fit.


There are several challenges people have in Nigeria when it comes to exercising, including security.

Being safe on the streets without an Okada or Keke knocking an individual down comes to mind.

Another issue is lack of money to register in a gym.

To help workers stay fit, strong and productive, Dr. Ugochukwu recommends that they should make out time to exercise in the comfort of their homes.

“Because of security reasons, people do not really exercise on the street in Lagos, but there are innovative ways people can adopt to exercise their body."

1.  Use Your Sitting Room

In the morning before you take your bath you can engage in few minutes of exercise or in the evening after work. 

“Where it is not likely that you have a street where you can jog in the morning, you can keep fit in the comfort of your home.

“In your house you can exercise. It is all about generating sweat.

sitting room exercise

“You can dance to a music tune vigorously until you sweat. Somebody can decide to do some skipping if they have a high roof, " Dr. Ugochukwu said.

You can jog from one end of your sitting room to the other end.

2.  Use Your Office Environment

Find a way to use your office environment to exercise.

“Within your office environment you can decide to use the staircase instead of the lift or escalator. You can decide to take a walk around the area for few minutes," he advised.

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3.  Find A Swimming Pool Around

The doctor recommends that workers should make out time to go for swimming exercise. 

swimming exercise for workers day

"If you have tried swimming, you will know the kind of energy you burn."

If you feel like jumping into the one in the image above, go find yourself another. 

4.  Use A Bicycle Within Your Compound

People who can afford to get a bicycle can get one and ride within their premises. 

5.  Buy a fitness ball

fitness ball for exercise

The Target

“At the end of the day the recommendation is moderate exercise for 30 minutes, five times in a week," the doctor added. 

Choose any of the above indoor exercises if you have been having challenges involving in daily exercise as recommended by the doctor.