Nkechi Okonkwo, 32 years old and Amaka Edeh, 35 are neighbours living in a ‘face-me, I face you’ apartment at Ugwuachara village in Ebonyi local government area of Ebonyi State.

But peace has been elusive between them for several years resulting in prolonged enmity.

On this day, the 32-year-old Nkechi Okonkwo could not hold back her temper any more, she got loose and vented her anger on Amaka Ede.

She alleged that she had begged Amaka to move away from the entrance to her room, but she refused.

An eyewitness told Bounce News that it was when Amaka refused to move away that Nkechi pushed her, collected a kitchen knife, and stab her in the face.

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Paul Ikenna, who disclosed to Bounce News that both parties had been having a running battle, said they fought each other before Amaka was stabbed.

“They have been enemies for a long time. They used to quarrel and everyone in this compound was aware of it.

“They were fighting and suddenly Nkechi ran into her room and collected her kitchen knife and stabbed Amaka on her face.

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“The cause of the fight, according to Nkechi was that Amaka was blocking the entrance of her room, because both of them are living very close.

“In the course of the fight, the pot of soup prepared by Amaka worth N2,000 was poured away by Nkechi, while both of them were left with injuries.''

The Ebonyi State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Loveth Odah confirmed the incident.

She said the suspects have been charged to court for assault.

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