The deceased, simply identified as Mpofu attended a church service at Bulawayo area of Zimbabwe where she gave a testimony thanking God for the wonders He had done in her life.

Mpofu slumped immediately after sharing her testimony and died within the church premises.

A close relative, who asked for anonymity, told the media that they were very disappointed and confused as they were not sure if the testimony was the reason behind Mpofu’s death.

“It is very sad that our family member died this way. She was someone who was a dedicated church member which now turns to be a surprise that she died in the house which she thought was the safest,” said the relative.

“What is more surprising is when all this happened the church did not notify us that she had collapsed choosing to keep her for six hours.

"We do not know why they kept her in church when they were aware that her condition was critical, that is why we are suspecting foul play,” he continued.

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The deceased’s husband left mourners in shock when he asked all church members to leave the funeral.

It was clear that he wanted nothing to do with Universal Church members and their pastors.

A pastor, who declined to be named, said they did not bother attending the funeral as they were not on good terms with Mpofu’s family.

Mpofu was buried on Monday.


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