What will you do for love? Will you fight a hungry crocodile for it?

29-year-old Elizabeth Shintangu saved her husband from the jaws of death.

Elizabeth was doing her laundry in the Kavango River near Rundu in the North-East of Namibia while her husband, Matheus Kativa, was bathing in it.

Suddenly, a hungry crocodile swooped on Kativa and started eating him alive. It first ate his lower arm before returning for another bite when the man started screaming for help.

As it happened, only the wife could rescue him. She impulsively jumped in to fight the crocodile and save her husband.

Kativa said he felt like “a car had fallen on top of me. I screamed for help, and, the next thing, I saw my wife on top of the reptile, fighting it. Then it let go of me, and by that time my lower arm had been severed.”

Before the couple had time to swim back to the river bank, the crocodile returned and grabbed Kativa again.

“The water was all red with blood. I then saw his face as he waved good-bye,” Elizabeth recalled.

She pulled him back from the crocodile’s jaws, but the reptile launched a third attack. Elizabeth then screamed and alerted people from a nearby village who pulled the couple out of the river.

For her bravery, the Namibian police have awarded her a trophy and she has become some sort of celebrity in the country.

“Men must see how prepared our women are to save us from danger,” said Samuel Mbambo, who is the Governor of Kavango East region in Namibia.

 She was willing to die for him; would you die for your wife?