Lopes Hobjana, 25 is thanking God for saving his manhood from being permanently damaged after a married woman poured hot water on it.

The woman, who happened to be Hobjana’s neighbour was angry that he has refused to have sex with her.

Apart from his penis, other parts of his body were scalded.
The incident happened when Hobjana helped the woman’s husband to carry some items into their apparent.

He said the woman came out of the house with a bucket of boiling water and threw it at him.

Luckily for Hobjana, his friend who was with him, pulled him away.

The hot water, however, hit him in the highs.

Hobjana, who is from Palm Ridge, Ekurhuleni area of South Africa, said the woman had thought that he was going to tell her husband about her advances to him.

Eden Park police spokeswoman Captain Buyisile Mvelase said a case of assault was opened.