When Chioma Ibina was seen by the villagers at the wee hours of the night, her cloth was soaked with blood.

She used a pestle to crush her mother in-law's head and in the process the blood splashed on her cloth.

She was trailed by neighbours who said that Chioma had requested for a wheelbarrow that night to convey her mother in-law firewood.

The sound of the wheelbarrow was trailed before Chioma was found in the bush with her cloth soaked with blood.

She mysteriously killed her mother in-law, whose name was given as Mrs. Ibina at Ebyia Unuphu in Abakaliki local government area of Ebonyi State.

Narrating the incident, Chioma's husband, Maduabuchi Ibina, said the alarm raised by his step mother drew the attention of neigbours to the incident.

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He said the noise of the wheelbarrow Chioma collected from a neighbour attracted one of his step mothers who opened her door but due to the darkness, could not see anybody.

But as she continued to raise alarm, some neighbours in the compound told her ‎it was Chioma who requested to use their wheelbarrow.

According to him, one of the neigbours accompanied his step mother to trail Chioma during which they discovered her strange behaviour. He said they started questioning her.

"She first argued that‎ my mother wanted to use the wheelbarrow to carry firewood, but then they noticed that her body was soaked with blood.

"They then forced themselves into the room where they saw my mother lying in the pool of her blood with her head crushed with pestle.

"They said before they could recover from the shock, Chioma had disappeared into the thin air", he stated.

He further noted that there was no form of misunderstanding between him and his wife or any family member, adding that it was Chioma who served them food before he left with his friends for a wake keep.

Madabuchi, however noted that his wife had playfully asked him not to attend the wake keep but that was settled amicably, wondering why his wife should commit such a heinous act.

He said that where his wife was later seen was Nkwegu Police Station where she was crying uncontrollably and narrating her ordeal.

He said his wife who slept in the bush throughout the night before she was handed over to the police, was hypnotised when she was sleeping.

That she could only remember that her mother in-law woke her up where she was sleeping under a shade of trees in their compound.

Chioma's husband recalled that he had earlier rejected to marry Chioma two years ago. But being the only son of his parents, he was persuaded to marry Chioma after she passed out from primary school.

He said their marriage was controversial as even her in-laws kicked against it, but Chioma threatened to commit suicide if her family stopped her from marrying Maduabuchi.

He recalled how Chioma was hard working by helping his late mother to carry her goods to the market and how his later mother pampered his wife.

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