A  24-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her seven-months-old baby girl.

The suspect, Odun, from Osun State was said to have strangled the little girl to death.

After confirming that the baby was dead, the woman neatly packaged the corpse in a cellophane bag and waited until midnight in her one room apartment and sneaked to a nearby bush where she single-handedly buried the tot.

After the burial, she went back home and lived comfortably pretending as if nothing happened. But unknown to her, somebody in the neighborhood who saw her going out at that ungodly hour of the night with the black cellophane bag, followed her from a distance and watched bury the child.

The neighbour who kept his calm and retired quietly to his home went to her two days after when he could no longer stand the pains to ask for her child. When she could respond to his question, he then confronted her and told her of how he witnessed her evil operation on the fateful day.

At this point, he raised the alarm, which attracted other people in the neighborhood and reported the matter to the police who immediately drafted some detectives to arrest the suspect.

the baby

Upon her arrest, she confessed to the crime and took detectives to the exact spot where she buried the baby. The police assisted by some persons, then dug the grave and brought out the corpse and took photographs of her.

The suspect who is now in police custody looks sober and mournful. Although police said she has admitted to committing she, however, denied killing her baby.

Her claim of innocence was punctured by the police who said they found foam on the baby’s mouth and nose. They insisted that the injuries were indicative of the fact that the tot was strangled and suffocated to death. The police also suspected that the mother might have killed the innocent child to get back at her father who broke her heart after promising to marry her and ended up with another woman.

Odun who said she was doing well until she lost her job after she got pregnant for her lover, who promised to marry her, blamed the man for her misfortune.

She narrated how the father of her deceased baby deceived her into believing that he was going to marry her but dumped her for another woman after she got pregnant.

Apart from deceiving her with marriage, she held that her lover who is also an indigene of Osun State, duped her of her hard savings with which she used to rent an apartment and furnished it with the promise that they were going to start living as husband and wife.

She said that rather than move in with her like he promised, her lover moved in with his brother. As if is not enough, when she tried to move in with him, she found that another woman had taken her place, thus leaving her with a broken heart.

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