Her mother died 10 years ago but her main concern throughout that period was how she would continue to collect £1700-a-month.

She came up with a plan that if no one knows about her mother's death, she would be entitled to her pension.

She kept her dead mother hidden in a freezer for a decade, prosecutors revealed on Thursday.

The 90-year-old’s corpse was found after detectives started investigating the alleged social security fraudster, who is 55 and cannot be named for legal reasons.

She was living in a detached house in the picturesque village of Horsarrieu, close to Pau, in South West France, with her mother’s remains at the end of the garden.

‘They were hidden in a freezer, and there had been no report of the mother’s death,’ said a prosecuting source in nearby Mont-de-Marsan, capital of the Landes department.

‘The freezer was not connected to the electricity supply going into the house. It was just a hiding place,’ the source added..

All the mother’s benefits arrangements, including drawing an old age pension, continued as normal throughout that time.

At the time of death, the pair were living some 200 miles away, close to Toulouse, which means that the woman would have transported the corpse in secret when they moved to Horsarrieu in July 2016.

An autopsy will be conducted to establish whether the mother had died of natural causes, or whether foul play was involved.