Drama started after Ojo Samson, an industrial engineer in Lagos refused to claim the corpse of his one-month old baby.

Speaking before a Grade C Customary Court Oja Oba in Ibadan, Samson claimed his wife Foluke Ojo did not inform him before taking the child there for treatment.

"My Child died due to stubbornness. When the child was two weeks old, I noticed that he cries whenever one carries him and I called her attention to this, but she said nothing was wrong with him.

"Afterwards his stomach became big and we saw something greenish on it and my mother suggested we visit an herbal doctor and my wife disagreed.

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"When I talk, whatever I say does not have any meaning to her. I didn't go and claim the corpse of the child because she did it without my consent.

"I am the man of the house and I think I demand some respect from my wife. She does things on her own without seeking my opinion," he lamented.

Samson will, however, have to wait till his next marriage to get that respect, because the court granted Foluke her request for a divorce.

The court granted Foluke custody of their only surviving child, with Samson to pay 5,000 maira monthly for his feeding allowance.

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But that was after she had told the court a few unpleasant secrets of their family, which were enough to justify the court’s decision.

"I gave birth in July and discovered that my baby was looking pale, I took him to the hospital and they checked his blood level and discovered it was 16%, I was referred to UCH.

"We got there, and I called my husband to alert him of the situation of things, but he didn't show up because he was scared of the expenses at the hospital.

"I left him and concentrated on how my baby was going to survive which he didn't.

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"I called him to let him know that we have lost the child and he said I should bring the child alive to him because he was not dead when I took him out of the house.

"He has never been responsible for the upkeep of the house, he brought his mother home and I feed her as well. His mother even sleeps on the same bed with me and my baby," she lamented.

To further emphasize Samson’s irresponsibility, Foluke revealed that their two-year-old surviving child now drinks local gin, usually given to her by the father.

Strangely, his mother supports the act, claiming the husband is the head of the family and can do anything he wants with his child.

Samson has since taken the child with him to Lagos, but the court gave him 24 hours to return the child to be with the mother in Ibadan or be arrested.

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