What humiliation can be worse than watching your wife being raped?

This was what an Indian man and his 22-year-old wife had to endure on Tuesday.

The woman was dragged out of a car and raped in front of her husband and brother-in-law, who were held at gunpoint in northern Indian state of Haryana, police said Tuesday.

The incident, according to police, took place Sunday night in Sector 56 of Gurugram on the outskirts of New Delhi, Indian capital city.

Police said they have arrested four people in connection with the crime.

A police official said: “on Sunday night a woman, her husband and brother-in-law were returning from a function in a car.

“When they stopped near the business park tower, the woman’s husband got out of the car to use toilet.

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“Suddenly two cars stopped near them and four men came out and dragged woman out of the car,”

“One of the men took the woman and raped her while others held her husband and her brother-in-law on gunpoint.”

Reports said before running away, the men warned the woman and her husband against reporting the incident to the police.

This is the latest incident of rape horror that emerged in the state.

Recently, two incidents of young girls being raped and killed were reported in Haryana.

Sexual attacks on women and girls in India put a question mark on their safety and efficiency of the police force in the country.

In December 2012, a fatal gang-rape of a medical student in New Delhi brought spotlight on crimes against women in India.

The incident saw huge protests and resulted in new anti-rape laws in the country. However, brutal sexual attacks against women continue to be reported across India.


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