Where one may see death, another may see only opportunity.

Who in the world desires to have cancer?

A 38-year-old Orlando woman pretended to have terminal cancer and accepted donations when she lived in New York's Westchester County several years ago.

But the long arm of the law has caught up with her as she has been arrested and charged with fraud.

Vedoutie Hoobraj used the name Shivonie Deokaran while perpetrating the scam from about October 2014 through at least March 2016, federal prosecutors said in a statement.

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Hoobraj was charged with one count of wire fraud, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years, after being arrested in Orlando, prosecutors said.

Social media posts from the period in question show Hoobraj posing with her two sons, her head hairless, prosecutors said.

Cancer patients often lose their hair during treatment.

Hoobraj claimed to have seen doctors at cancer hospitals, including New York City's Sloan-Kettering Medical Center, but prosecutors said in court documents that she never actually underwent any cancer treatment.

She raised more than $50,000 from at least 300 people in Westchester County towns, prosecutors allege.

Spaghetti dinners were organized to help raise money for Hoobraj, who claimed she had 18 months to live and was suffering from both leukemia and cancer of the liver, a federal complaint against her shows.