It's important to always stay away from laden trucks and other articulated vehicles while they make their ascent to higher ground.

The diesel tanker crushed the woman's car and ignited an inferno on impact which burned the sole occupant of the car beyond recognition.

The fire destroyed properties worth millions of naira.

"The articulated vehicle, which was filled with diesel, was coming from Eleiyele area and travelling towards Ologuneru hill.

"When the truck had difficulty dragging the tanker along the hill, the tanker detached from the truck and crushed the car driven by the dead woman.

"It also poured its content on the road a fire was ignited, burning the woman, who was trapped in the car and other vehicles," said a witness who identified himself as Yinka.

Yinka said more than five houses were destroyed in the inferno adding that diesel flowed towards the Eleyele river which is about 300 meters away from the scene of the accident.

One of the destroyed properties was a church called Save and Serve Ministry, which was lately rebuilt after a section of it was affected by construction work going on the Ologuneru road.

Firefighters from the Oyo State Fire Service rushed to the scene of the accident and battled hard to put out the fire.