An argument ensued between a mother, Mrs Gloria Onukwo and members of staff of Beeland Primary School, Orisumbare, Shasha Road in Lagos State.

The argument got so heated that it attracted passers-by who were wondering what the bone of contention was.

Mrs Onukwor while explaining her side of the story said she left her daughter with the school officials in the morning, only for her come back later in the day to find out her daughter was running temperature.

Her grouse with the school management was that the baby was left unattended to.

"I dropped my daughter with them in the morning. I came this afternoon to pick her up. On getting to her class, I saw crying all by herself and her body was very hot.

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"I was scared and at the same time angry at the school for leaving a sick 5-year-old girl all by herself.

"What would have happened if the sickness became worse and she passed out. I'm highly disappointed in the management," she said.

While responding, the daughter's class teacher, Miss Ebun, said it was not intenetional as she did not notice the girl was sick.

She said the girl was very lively earlier in the day with no symptoms of sickness.

"I don't know what went wrong as Ebube was very lively in the morning.

"I was surprised when the mother came in this afternoon and started raining curses on us for abandoning her baby as she did not show any sign of sickness," she said.

Other members of staff and onlookers were able to pacify the mother who had earlier threatened to withdraw her child from the school.