It is always difficult for people to leave their first love for good and here is proof coming from Bayelsa State. 

Woekilemo had brought him to lime light in 2001 and he became the Prince of Niger Delta. 

He had at that time topped the gospel music genre in Nigeria, and the energy that comes from his dance steps, showed his love for dance was impeccable. 

That love has remained in his heart even as he sojourned into politics, as the Special Adviser on Entertainment and Culture to the Bayelsa State governor.

Asu Ekiye is his real name but not very many can remember as the song Woekilemo has become his alias.

He is from Bayelsa State and Governor Seriake Dickson had pulled him into his government to help give life to entertainment and culture. 

As the administration winds down, the gospel artiste, is making a lead road to his first love, 'SEIYO', which means dance in Ijaw language. 

It was the name he chose for his new album, which be also followed with proof that he loved ‘SEIYO’.

The album launch was held at the Gabriel Okara Cultural Centre in Ovom, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Asu Ekity launches new album
Asu Ekiye showing his love for SEIYO

Dressed in colourful attires with blue being the dominant colour, residents of the state, who had come to witness the event, waited patiently to be searched by security agents at the gate.

In an orderly manner, they were ushered into the hall. 

The podium was beautifully designed, with two portrait photographs of him and a two-tier birthday cake of the chief launcher and celebrant.

SEIYO was his birthday gift to his people.

The hall was warm and chairs arranged in rows with space in between for easy passage. Gospel music blasted from loud speakers positioned at strategic places.

The entire space in the hall was taken up by men, women, children and expectant mothers.

Top government officials, including the Deputy Governor of the state, (Rtd) Admiral Gbaribiogha Jonah, were not left out.

One after the other, young indigenous Gospel musicians took turns to entertain the audience.

Suddenly, 'We Ki Lemo' was joyfully chanted everywhere as Asu Ekiye, armed with a microphone in his right hand and a white handkerchief in his left, made a dramatic entrance.

With the help of his band and back-up singers, he thrilled the audience with songs from his previous album.

Asu Ekiti launches new album
Asu Ekiye, his wife and some dignitaries cut the birthday cake 

The audience sang along with him while some including security officers, danced.

The crowd cheered when he announced that it was time to launch "SEIYO".

With the agility of a youth, the 67-year-old Gospel Icon, wriggled his waist as he sang.

The award-winning gospel musician thrilled his audience and had them asking for more.

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